ISAMA 2000

The Second Annual Conference of the International Society
of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
University at Albany
Albany, New York

June 24 - 28, 2000


ISAMA, The International Society of The Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture, was formed in 1998 in order to further interdisciplinary education relating the arts, mathematics, and architecture. In particular, we are interested in developing visual literacy in mathematics with applications to the arts and architecture. The permanent ISAMA website is and the webmaster is John Sullivan at the University of Illinois-Urbana. The main feature is the Directory with extensive links to significant works.

Enclosed is the announcement and registration form for the conference ISAMA 2000 at the University at Albany to be held June 24-28, 2000. ISAMA 2000 was originally planned for Seattle in late August. David Salesin still plans to have a conference Mosaic 2000 in Seattle August 21-25, 2000.

We have also enclosed an ISAMA membership form. Members will receive a quarterly ISAMA NEWSLETTER with relevant information, articles, and images of selected works of members as well as other relevant works. The purpose of the newsletter is to enable members to share developments and information during the year. There will also be a monthly email ISAMA bulletin board for announcements. We are also planning to publish an inexpensive series of ISAMA NOTES. Members will receive a 25% discount on their cost, as well as discounts on future conferences. The annual ISAMA dues are $25 payable by check or money order made out to ISAMA. Persons registering for the full ISAMA 2000 conference June 24-28 will receive a complimentary one-year ISAMA membership. Membership in ISAMA is not mandatory for attending the conference.

     Nat Friedman
Director, ISAMA

The Conference

The purpose of ISAMA 2000 is to bring together persons interested in furthering interdisciplinary education relating the arts, mathematics, and architecture. This includes teachers, architects, artists, mathematicians, scientists and engineers. As in previous conferences, the objective is to share information and discuss common interests. Hopefully new ideas and partnerships will emerge. In particular we believe it is important to begin interdisciplinary education at an early age so one component of ISAMA 2000 will be teacher workshops for K-12 in addition to college level courses. There will be talks June 24-26 and teacher workshops June 27-28.

Invited Speakers

  • Keynote Speaker: Ivars Peterson.
  • Geometric Stage Sets: Benigna Chilla.
  • Mathematical Visualization: Colin Adams, George Francis, Frank Morgan, John Sullivan.
  • Modern Dance Choreography: Ellen Sinapoli.
  • Poetry and Hypertext: Stephanie Strickland.
  • Polyhedra: George Hart.
  • Prints: Thom O'Connor.
  • Sculpture: Charles Ginnever, Larry Kagan, Robert Longhurst, Edward Mayer, Thomas Sakoulas.
  • Tesselations: Douglas Dunham, Eleni Mylonas.
  • There will also be allotted time for shorter talks by participants June 24-26. Space will be available to display works as at previous conferences.

    Teacher Workshops

  • Douglas Dunham:Constructing Hyperbolic Tesselations
  • Nat Friedman: (1) Knot Sculptures (2) Minimal Surfaces (3) Geometric Sculptures (4) Fractal Stone Prints
  • George Hart: Polyhedra Constructions
  • John Sullivan Computer Generated Sculpture
  • The Program

    Program details are now available at

    Conference Fees

    Before June 1 After June 1
    June 24-28 $150 $200
    June 24-26 $100 $125
    June 27-28 $70 $90

    Accommodations and Forms

    Last change: May 12, 2000